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How To Get Personalized Shopping With Mobile Browsers

How To Get Personalized Shopping With Mobile Browsers

BloomReach, the big data company announced today a multidevice shopping experience that delivers custom content to mobile users.

I had a chance to sit down with CEO Raj De Datta to talk about the new Mobile push.  I asked “How Do You Get Personalized Shopping With Mobile Browsers?”, here was his response:bloomreach mobile

“Smartphones have become the most personal device that probably has ever existed. They are with you at almost all times – as discovery tools, helping you conduct product research, allowing you to casually browse to pass time, and acting as the final purchasing mechanism. You can’t think of mobile as a channel because it connects them all. In order to become a true omni-channel retailer, you have to realize that mobile supports everything, from in-store to social media to traditional web. It ideally should act like a live brand representative; so why should the experience provided by online retailers be anything less? Providing a relevant experience is paramount, because poor experiences can hurt your revenues and brand reputation anywhere in the sales funnel.

Compounding the problem is that mobile consumers are arguably the most impatient and least forgiving, so no matter how great your responsive design is, it adds very little if your customers can’t find what they want quickly. Putting mobile ‘skin’ on your website isn’t going to drive significantly higher revenue, but employing backend technology driven by machine-learning technology can drive sales, and allows your marketing team to put more resources to creating great content.

We created BloomReach Mobile with the thesis of providing relevant experiences, a step past responsive design. Content presentation and recommendations are based off of a visitor’s unique behavior, the intent signals that they provided to you and from data from across the web. If you’re a retailer with thousands of products and perhaps hundreds of thousands of customers, it’s impossible for a marketing team to tag products, continually update category pages or respond to real-time social-media cues. When we realized that we could apply our technology to build a product that incorporates all of these elements for mobile shoppers, it was the logical next step for us as a company.

In the end, consumers get a relevant, enjoyable experience, and retailers can grow revenue for the fastest segment of shoppers.”

“When BloomReach detects that the intent and behavior on a single merchant’s web and mobile sites are significantly similar, the system observes and correlates the anonymous users to determine if its the same person,” according to Joelle Kaufman, BloomReach director of marketing. “Once the engine is reasonably confident, the BloomReach Mobile application will begin to incorporate behavior from the website into the mobile experience through ‘Just for You’ dynamic categories and even the priority of search suggestions.”

Here is how your users can have a customer shopping experience online with their mobile phone with Bloomreach.

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How To Get Personalized Shopping With Mobile Browsers

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