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How to Find Your Audiences Whenever They Are Online with Marty Weintraub [Podcast]


Our host Loren Baker is with the founder of AimClear, Marty Weintraub, a driven Integrated Marketing Agency dominant in customer acquisition and winner of 17 US Search Awards, including 5X most recent Best Integrated Agency. Aimclear’s differentiator is the balance of holistic brand-builds, PR, data, and integrated performance marketing. Marty Weintraub shares with us what they did to win the 17 US Search Awards. What makes his company different? How you can identify your target clients?

In this episode, we will learn all about integrated digital marketing, how does branding will ultimately help you in your business, and some recommendations before you start running a Facebook ad campaign or if you’re going to launch a blog.

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4:53 About Marty and AimClear

5:28 What makes them different

6:03 What does Integrated Digital Marketing mean?

8:10 Is the quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I     don’t know which half,” still relevant?

11:57 What AimClear is doing that results in their success

13:39 AimClear being into developing personas

15:27 Recommendations for someone who is just starting

19:47 How is Advertising available for anyone right now?

24:25 Targeting Clients

28:15 Inventories and Digital Commercials

32:32 The Most Efficient Way to Sell Something Now

36:44 The Universal Truth

41:43 Awards

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How to Find Your Audiences Whenever They Are Online with Marty Weintraub [Podcast]

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