How To Buy And Sell Websites, Tips For Beginners: Interview With Zac Johnson

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How To Buy And Sell Websites, Tips For Beginners: Interview With Zac Johnson

As part of our SEJ interview series, Zac Johnson of joins us to share his expertise on buying and selling websites.

Zac has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and made hundreds of thousands of dollars buying and selling websites. Thankfully we can all learn from Zac’s experience without having to spend that much money ourselves, as Zac has graciously agreed to share some of his best tips with us.

Hear what he has to say in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Zac prefers to use to buy and sell websites. Flippa has a built in network of people looking to buy and sell.
  • Flippa is constantly listing new websites to buy, if you have a website to sell you can advertise it to their network.
  • The value of your website is determined by the information you provide, including demographics, niche, how much it makes each month, traffic numbers and so on.
  • If you’re a blogger looking to sell your website for the first time, the process is easy. Go to Flippa and create an account then they walk you through the process. Zac describes it as “ebay for websites,” so if you know how to use ebay you can use Flippa.
  • Disclaimer: Zac has no personal affiliation with Flippa, he’s promoting them because he truly values their service. Zac says there really are no alternatives.
  • When it comes to snagging good domain names, Zac suggests creating a list of domain names you’re interested in and setting up alerts with a major domain registrar to let you know when one of them becomes available. With this method Zac has secured many good domain names without even looking for them.

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  • Center Mass Media

    Thanks for sharing. Great article with great industry experience. I will have to check out flipa.

  • Egan Rao

    I have spent some time on Flippa in the past and found out that there are a lot of dropped domains there. I suggest, getting a checklist of what to check before making a purchase on flippa is the next step.

    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      Also check out for dropped domains as well.

  • Pankaj Sharma

    Thanks John for sharing Zac’s experience here , Need to register flippa . But i need one more question which is one of best tool which tell you that site is good or bad , i mean if it has a penalty in past or a balck hat practice done on the domain ?


    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      Use – but also use due diligence and full reporting when looking to bid on higher end sites with revenue models

  • Tamil Matrimonial

    Useful Information ..

  • Sunday

    Zac Johnson has become an authority when it comes to blogging topics. His take here is commendable.

    Indeed, Flippa is the MUST-Go marketplace to buy and sell websites. It has established a high level of credibility for itself in the last couple of years.

    Yes,they can walk one through the process of buying and selling.Understanding the tips on what makes website valuable is important for buying or selling!

    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      Thanks, I appreciate your kind words. Flippa is definitely the “go to” source for buying and selling sites, they have a premium network that stands out as the best. All others fall way behind in size and comparison.

  • Vincent Nguyen

    Something people who are first getting into buying and selling websites should be wary of is the quality of sites on Flippa. They’ve definitely got quantity and a few gems, but expect to wade through A LOT of garbage first. There are alternatives if you’re looking for brokers and sites in the higher end, but Flippa’s definitely got a grip on the less expensive sites.

    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      Unfortunately a lot of sites on Flippa can be considered templates or low quality sites. It’s up to the buyer to make sure the quality and business model is there.

  • Adrian from Zymco

    Great post guys, makes interesting read. We had a client a while back that tried to sell and extension through Flippa, but it didn’t sell. I suggested going with a .com as these domain extensions will be of benefit to a larger audience.

    • Zac Johnson (@zacjohnson)

      A lot of people attempt to sell sites on Flippa that aren’t built up or provide any value. The expectation that you can sell anything you list isn’t true at all. Though generic .com domains will usually sell depending on the listing price.

  • James R. Halloran

    Great tips, Zac! Thanks for sharing! I never heard of Flippa before, but it sounds like something I may be interested in, especially if it’s an “eBay” for Web sites.

    Does Flippa also provide demographic data you said helps sell a site? Or does that depend on if the site owner publishes that information or not?

  • Lara Sam

    Thank you for the valuable information I would never use Flippa for selling my site, you can find a broker and let them sell it for you..
    Maybe this list cal help you: