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How To Block Search Indexing If Your Site Is Under Construction

A site can’t be created in a minute; even if you prepare content beforehand, you need time to carefully upload it, settle all technical issues, make sure everything is working fine, etc. The best way to handle this properly and avoid screwing up things at the very start is as follows:

  • Don’t show “under construction” notice to search bots – by this you risk wasting your chance getting indexed properly on the spot and you will have to work much more to get them come back and change their opinion about your site.

They come by once, see next to nothing worth indexing, index what there is (zip) and won’t come back for a long time as they have already classified the site as being basically empty.

  • It might be wise to put a holding page to update your casual visitors of your upcoming site status but let it return 503 header status-code to invite crawlers return later:

The implication is that this is a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay.

(A traditional way to keep search engines off the site which is not ready yet, is to ban them in Robots.txt, however the above method seems more reasonable.)

  • (not a strict rule, rather a recommendation) Better don’t use parking service that creates a page full of adds – it might be confusing for both visitors and search engine crawlers.
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How To Block Search Indexing If Your Site Is Under Construction

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