How Smart Do You Have To Be To Work For Google?

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It’s Friday and thought to put a fun blog post up. I stumbled upon some questions which were published by Google as a recruiting tool. Now, I’m not sure how old/new these questions are that were published, but most likely still used. Answers are provided in Bold.

1) Solve this cryptic equation, realizing of course that value for M and E could be interchanged. No leading zeros are allowed: WWWDOT – GOOGLE = DOTCOM

Answers: 777589 – 188106 = 589483 or 777589 – 188103 = 589486

2) How many different ways can you color an icosahedron with one of three colors on each face?

Answer: 58,130,055

3) Which of the following expresses Google’s over-arching philosophy?
a) I’m feeling lucky
b) Don’t be evil
c) Oh, I already fixed that
d) You should never be more than 50 feet from food
e) All of the above

Answer: b

Wonder about some benefits?
– Free cafeteria meals
– On-site dry cleaning
– Coin-free laundry room
– Free annual ski trip
– Dog-friendly offices
– On-site doctor and dentist
– Free commuter shuttle service to several Bay Area locations

Still interested? Then what are you waiting for? Apply at Google now!

Pablo Palatnik is Managing Partner of eTrend Media Group, which specializes in Pay-Per-Click Management & Social Media Optimization.

Pablo Palatnik
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