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How Long Does It Take Google to Rank a New Website?

How long does it take to achieve targeted rankings in Google? That’s probably the most popular SEO question. And to an exoerienced SEO it may seem naive: really, is any other answer except “it depends” possible here?

Well, generally, there are plenty of “it depends”-type of answers but some common consistent patterns can be singled out:

So, how long would you give a new site to rank? There is a really good thread at WebmasterWorld forums discussing exactly that topic. Usually the scenario is as follows:

  • There is a short period of early high rankings (it’s like a testing period);
  • Most websites do not pass the test and the high rankings drop in about 2 weeks;
  • After that come from 6 to 18 months of low rankings before the site really starts to get solid search referrals.

So is it usually so? Let’s discuss:

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How Long Does It Take Google to Rank a New Website?

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