How is Social Media Changing Search Marketing?

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In this month’s video segment I decided to compile several 30 second soundbytes from the recent Social Media Marketing World Conference. I asked several content creators what their thoughts were on how social media is changing search marketing.


  • How Social will impact the way people search: Andrea Vahl, Social Media Examiner
  • Why Social Media is Becoming Search: Sarah Robinson,
  • The Fusion of Social Graph and Search (Mari Smith,
  • The Power of Author Rank in Your SEO Rankings (Beth Hayden,
  • The Role that Active Communities Will Play in Your Search Ranking (Ekaterina Walter, Intel)
  • Why Google + is going to be Extremely Important for Your Success (Ricardo Bueno, Copyblogger)
  • The Impact the Social Media Metrics Will Have on the Future of Content and Search (Jason Miller, Marketo)
Srinivas Rao
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  • Jemal Ahmed

    Its seriously all about building a unique social media brand. I actually did an unofficial survey of how people of recent search for information then found out that they are more influenced by the results they get from social media than that of search engines.