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How I Chose My Masters Certification Program

A search on “free marketing training” brings up over 1.6 million listings. A lot of marketers are used to being online the majority of the day but are hesitant to take an online course although the search results will tell you plenty of people are curious. What all does it entail? How are classes paced? Will I fall behind and if so, will it be easy to get a hold of an instructor or other students? I asked myself so many questions before deciding to get involved with Market Motive online. Personally, I have taken a ton of online classes through The University of South Florida. I know how to navigate the USF system which all classes are incorporated with but Market Motive would be a whole new ball game.

When I made contact with Michael Stebbins, founder of Market Motive I touched base on a few of my concerns. Michael was so laid back and easy to talk to. He was understanding and quickly filled me in on as many details as he could. I asked a lot of question! As it turns out, the faculty members are just as curious about you as you are about their courses. Michael tried to get to know me by focusing in on my interests of study.

We spent a decent amount of time on the phone discussing my field of work, concentrating on what I was already knowledgeable of so we could best figure out what areas I would like to learn more about. Since I am an SEO and link building analyst, we figured I should stay away from the SEO masters certification as of now. It would be beneficial of course but I wanted to get certified in social media because although I am familiar, social media is an area I would love to learn as much as possible about. As of now I focus more on link building than I do on social media pushes but after I complete the social media course perhaps that will change. Another reason I wanted to gain more insight into social media-let’s be honest, it’s just fun.

Masters Certification Course List

I had to have a mini phone interview before I signed up. I do not believe the interview was mandatory but I do know it is recommended. The interview was not intimidating. I spoke with Scott Milrad, the Director of Online Education. He basically wanted to stress the time commitment involved in the 90 day program.

Despite the fact that you can somewhat self pace yourself, Scott wanted to make it clear students need to commit or they will fall behind. After the interview and selecting my choice of study, it was time to see what market Motive was all about. Each instructor is either a best-selling author or a sell-known speaker in their area of expertise. I am excited about networking with the staff and other students. I’ll be reporting my progress and observations.



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How I Chose My Masters Certification Program

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