How Guest Blogging is Getting Huge

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Guest posting is getting hugeGuest blogging has been around for quite some time: plenty of blogs have been inviting contributions from outside for ages. On the other hand, it has always been a great way to expose your brand to a wide audience and win new followers and contacts via providing great content.

The win-win concept behind guest blogging has made the tactic highly popular (this was the main reason I decided to build My Blog Guest by the way).

Recently, the phenomenon has grown by leaps and bounds: the hugest brands and resources are in the game and here’s why:

1. Guest Blogging Means Getting Heard

What’s the best way to reach the most powerful media resources than providing the editors with the killer unique ready-made story? In many cases, free great content is more appreciated than paid advertising.

Top blogs and online magazines feature guest posts regularly because the insight provided by the guest poster is priceless.


TechCrunch features guest posts several times a week: these are usually marketing case studies or success stories or personal stories (e.g. My Life As A CEO (And VC): Chief Psychologist and Guest Post: Could Tiny Somaliland Become the First Cashless Society?)

Guest posts at TechCrunch Fortune Postcards blog publishes articles by guest authors regularly. Their favorite topics: personal (insiders’) takes on popular problems. Example: Advice to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz (from Sun Min Kimes, a behind-the-counter barista at a Starbucks in Ashburn, Virginia).

Guest posts at CNN

2. Guest Blogging Means Better Chances to Win Social Media

You can spend months on developing your own blog and trying to get more attention to it but never see any of your thoroughly-created top-notch stories hit the front page of Digg or generate more than 50 Tweets.

Or you can spend a day writing a great story in the area of your expertise, pitch it to a “social-media friendly” blog and here you go: thousands of votes, thumb-ups and tweets.

Guest blogging is the best “indirect” way to reach thousands of social media users:

Guest posting - going viral

3. Guest Blogging Means Direct Conversation with Your Customers

Do you want your customers to think you are “cool”? – Talk to them using their favorite (and well-respected) platform. People tend to trust and look up to the blogger they follow. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to “redirect” this trust to your brand by using the blog to publish your guest posts.

Guest blogging provides brands with a great opportunity to start an open dialog with customers.

Guest blogging = dialog

Guest blogging = dialog

So what’s your guest blogging strategy?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Guest blogging for sure helps with social media attention

  • Mihaela Lica

    Ann, as you, I believe guest blogging is a great way to get fresh, unique content, to gain exposure, to promote yourself as a brand. I do it myself when I find the time, and as a publisher, I encourage people to contribute with stories on the sites I own.

    However, there are also ways this can be abused, and I am not talking here about link spammers, or authors who guest publish the same content to more blogs. I am talking about sites like HuffingtonPost. With over 6000 unpaid guest bloggers, most of whom make regular contributions, I think HuffPo is a bit abusing its status. Some would consider their strategy smart: imagine the amount of free content they get. But is it fair? This could make an interesting case study for you. 🙂

  • Wpblast

    Nice post. I agree that guest posting has enormous benefits. I have written a few in my day, but not near as many as I should. My goal is to write 1 guest post for every 8 posts I put on my blog.

  • Tom

    got to be good especially for a business blog where it can be hard not to post dry uninteresting stuff at times

  • Steve Jobs

    It really became so huge that most big blogs do have a guest author nowadays. But not all bloggers do have a chance to be a guest author as some big blgs has some set of criteria before you can be accepted.

  • Impulse Magazine

    I love doing guest blogging whenever I get the opportunity to do it because it lets me get in front of an audience that I probably would not be able to get in front of on my blog.

  • Aaron Kay

    There's always the fact too that the guest author always has an aura about them as if they are a definite expert and they were brought in because of that.

  • seopinoy


  • seopinoy

    For sure guess blogging is one way to get attention from a site with a much better amount of audience. It's like promoting your latest movie to the most-watched TV show.

  • RickHendershot

    Thanks for the information. There's no doubt guest blogging helps to build a profile. Of course you have to have something to say that is worth saying. That's always a bit of a problem.

  • Stuart Flatt

    But then when you promote your own site in just the second paragraph, a paragraph in which you wrote especially for that purpose, it actually detracts from the post in my opinion. Now I know you are not a guest blogger, but promoting your personal stuff off the back of SEJ straight from the start isn't adding any credibility? Infact I nearly wanted to stop reading.

    I won't class it as spam just yet as there are some good points in the rest of the article, but you are treading close on the line…

  • Warner Carter

    I think Guest Blogging will continue to grow as more sites realize it is a good way to get great writing

  • yuregininsesi

    There’s always the fact too that the guest author always has an aura about them as if they are a definite expert and they were brought in because of that.