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How to Attract Facebook Fans for Your Business

Facebook Ads

Nearing one billion users, Facebook was able to connect businesses with their existing and potential market worldwide. However, not all brands that have a Facebook Page know how to attract fans through the social network. A great fan acquisition requires that you have the right mix.

Include Email Marketing

In the world of online marketing, it is already established in that Facebook can promote your brand faster than email marketing. When a user likes your page, it will appear on his or her friends’ News Feed. However, email marketing is one way to keep the communication constant and troll-free. It also strengthens relationship between the brand and the customers. Include social links in all your emails, or send a monthly news letter to promote your page.

Offer Perks to New Fans

Providing incentives is a great way to encourage first-time visitors to like your page. Create a banner that can catch a user’s attention, post special rewards, and require them to like your page before getting their incentive. Encouraging Facebook users to like your page can boost your fan acquisition.

Create Word of Mouth Contests

Other than incentives, giveaways can also be a great way to increase engagement, promote your page farther, and expand your fan base. But if you’re budget constrained, look for partners who are willing to sponsor your contest in exchange of additional exposure for their brand. Your contest can be as simple as “Why should you win our prize?” Ask them to mention you and your partner’s brand on their Wall, and let them spread the word for you.

Just bear Facebook’s Terms of Service about contests in mind. To give you an idea, working with a representative can let you do more on the network. However, you can only talk to a representative if you’re spending five figures on Facebook Ads already.

Convert Buyers into Facebook Fans

If you have an online shop, you can also include your Facebook marketing campaign. It’ll be easier to ask your buyers to like your page because they are already fans of your products. When a user purchases something on your website, add a Facebook Like Box on your Thank You or confirmation page. You can also announce contests that will require your customers to like your page first. Again, just be mindful of the ToS.


Acquiring fans on Facebook gives you better revenue stream. You just have to know how you can invite and keep them on your page. In turn, your fan base will become your consumer base.


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How to Attract Facebook Fans for Your Business

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