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We’re Hiring! Do You Want to Be SEJ’s Social Producer?

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We’re Hiring! Do You Want to Be SEJ’s Social Producer?

In 2014, I embarked on the exciting journey of being Search Engine Journal’s Social Media Manager. SEJ has the largest social presence I’d ever taken on. I learned so much from being in the trenches and working with the team on various initiatives.

It’s been a blast working with this team and helping contribute to the tremendous growth of the brand. But as a result, the role requirements have evolved and expanded, and it’s now time for me to hand over the reigns to someone else to take it to the next level.

SEJ is looking to hire what we’re calling a Social Producer. This hybrid role will include social media management, content projects and editorial.

Highlights of My SEJ Adventures

I thought I’d share some of what I’ve done to date to give a rough idea of what the social media management responsibilities are like.

Shortly after starting, I created a social media strategy for SEJ. We opted to share it publicly rather than keep it exclusively internal. This was scary at first, but the experience taught me to be more comfortable with being transparent.

After using the strategy as a roadmap and putting most into practice, we created an overview of the results. In addition to seeing substantial growth in our social fanbase, we saw a nice increase in traffic back to the website as well.

The case study on how we grew social media traffic 170% in three months was a huge hit. Our phenomenal graphic designer, Paulo, created visuals to align with the content to help make the data more digestible. It’s awesome this is still being shared on a regular basis, a year later.

Over the period I’ve been here, we’ve seen some substantial growth and wins. Our Twitter followers have increased 90% (100,400 from 52,900) while the Facebook fanbase has increased 93% (123,800 from 64,200).

On the website traffic side, in looking at the year leading up to June 1, 2015 next to the year prior, traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to SEJ’s site rose 120%, 35%, and 59%, respectively.

My last day as SEJ’s Social Media Manager will be June 30th. I’ll still be writing regularly and doing my monthly column on the latest social media news, so I’ll be seeing everyone around!

Questions about the job? Feel free to shoot me an email at

Social Producer Job Description


Search Engine Journal is a leading digital marketing publication, growing 35% year over year. “SEJ” is by the community, for the community: our smart and savvy guest contributors and staff writers provide breaking news and best practice guides for our +837K monthly visitors.

SEJ is a fast-paced, high-profile environment. Everyone works remotely, and we use a variety of tools (Podio, email, GoToMeeting, Slack, Google Docs) to stay connected.

This position is somewhat unusual. SEJ needs someone who thrives on wearing very different hats.

Someone who loves being self-directed and independent but knows when to consult others when things go off the beaten path.

Someone who is driven to look for improvements and makes recommendations. Someone who is extremely organized and detail-oriented. Organized proactivity is crucial for this position since we are a small, hard-working team.

Your main responsibilities:

  1. Social Media. You’ll be entrusted with growing, cultivating and monitoring SEJ’s large social media network. You’ll have a resource to delegate to and help you with reports and content creation. (70%)
  2. Producer. You’ll be given a special project or two to oversee. Some are content initiatives such as our Marketing Nerds Podcast series, some are event-based such as organizing a small social gathering at a conference.  (20%)
  3. Editorial Pinch-Hitter. Occasionally our crack editorial team needs help with overflow. Writing a breaking news post, copyediting, reviewing drafts for ‘rule-breaking’, or adding an image or two to spruce up a post. This will be as-directed and not a standing assignment. (10%)

This position is a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Benefits and Pay

  • $2000-$2500/month
  • Raise your public profile. As an SEJ staff member, there are many opportunities for elevating your personal brand. Including: hosting podcasts and webinars, conducting interviews with industry experts, writing feature pieces, and hosting events.
  • Optional travel for speaking or press coverage
  • Major US holidays observed
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Open the door to opportunities. Most team members have parlayed their exposure into consulting and career opportunities, as well as guest contributing to, Huffington Post, Forbes, and many other major publications.

Our promise to you

  1. To always have an open door policy. In addition to constant availability on IM, management will have regular 1on1 and group meetings with you and the team. You’ll always have an outlet to ask questions, raise concerns. We love hearing feedback from you on how to make things better.
  2. To make every effort to communicate important (and not so important) stuff. We know what it feels like to be left out of the loop. We make every effort to make sure you know what’s happening.
  3. To acknowledge your work. We’re paying attention. We encourage and give constructive feedback. You’ll know when you’ve done something great, as well as when it could have been better, and why.

Your Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain, evolve, and implement overall SEJ Social Media Strategy on primarily Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Come up with great ways to utilize our other channels, such as Instagram and Pinterest, for regular engagement and building up buzz for events
  • Utilize social listening tools to generate insights
  • Maintain social posting minimum requirements while working with an Editorial Assistant
  • Review community comments daily, selectively respond to users
  • Stay current on social media trends and developments, incorporate in your social strategy as appropriate
  • Direct special initiatives. Organize and help create strategy and goals, lead cross-functional teams, assign and track tasks.
  • Pitch in on editorial process with post draft review as needed.

Must Haves:

  • Experience in managing social media business accounts
  • Experience in digital marketing
  • Bias to action, proactive nature
  • Goal setter; able to calculate the ROI of their efforts
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Demonstrated ability to build and engage a large community
  • Proven ability to write concise, creative, and informative copy
  • Strong time management skills; necessary to balance multiple projects, campaigns, and administrative duties
  • Flexible/Adaptable; available to respond outside of traditional working hours. If you already have a full-time job, please do not apply.
  • Not afraid to speak up when something could be done more efficiently or better
  • Sense of humor. Snark, sarcasm, (limited) puns- all are welcome

Interested? Send your cover letter and resume to!

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