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He Loves Google, He Loves Them Not

He Loves Google, He Loves Them Not

Unless today is the first day you’ve entered the SEO landscape, you are likely to be familiar with Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Watch and the host and frequently the moderator at Search Engine Strategies Conferences around the world. He began watching search engines a little over 10 years ago, way before it was the cool past time it is today. Read Danny’s bio.

I, too, love to watch the search engines and always have my likes and dislikes of the various players. Since Google’s simple arrival years ago they have grown accustomed to having a lot of folks, myself included, sing their praises. Lately, I’ve been impressed by some of the other search engines results and have been somewhat dis-enchanted with Google’s attempt to have way too many irons in the Internet fire. Part of me really wishes they’d keep it simple and stick strictly to search because that’s what got them where they are today and it’s what they do best.

So, I was extremely amused to find Danny Sullivan’s post on the SEW blog listing the 25 Things He Hates About Google.

To be totally fair, there’s a posting for the 25 Things He Loves About Google as well!

Lisa Melvin is a Search Marketing Specialist at, an SEO Agency in Maryland, and has been helping clients maximize their search engine visibility since 1998.

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He Loves Google, He Loves Them Not

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