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Hakia Hopes to Expand Coverage, Enlisting the Help of Librarians

The semantic search engine known as “Hakia” currently generates credibility-stamped results for health and medical searches, which aims to point users in the direction of credible online content.  Hakia announced Monday that they are hoping to expand their coverage to include ALL topics, a pretty lofty goal.  To aid them in their efforts, Hakia has made an open call to librarians and information professionals to assist in the effort.

Why do they want the help of librarians and information professionals?  Well because we know everything, of course!  On a more serious note, the reason Hakia is looking to librarians for help is because they’re trained in the art of finding not just information, but solid, credible information.  In other words, librarians are pretty good at sorting out the crap from the reliable stuff. 

All of Hakia’s currently generated medical and health results have been vetted by the Medical Library Association.  To take on all topics, Hakia will need all of the help that they can get.

Librarians interested in joining Hakia’s effort can suggest URLs that lead to the most credible websites on any given topic.  Hakia will then process the sites with its QDEX proprietary technology, and then make it available to web searches within credibility stamped search results.

Because Hakia understands that librarians do have a job and a life outside of the information world, each month they randomly giveaway thank-you prizes to participants ranging from conference grants to book donations.

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Hakia Hopes to Expand Coverage, Enlisting the Help of Librarians

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