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Hackers Exploiting IE7 Flaw Through Google Sponsored Links

If you are using IE7 as your primary browser, better be sure that you update and maintain it properly with patches and updates or else you might get hacked by web phisers when you click on those ads that are displayed on Google search results.

Business hackers steals vital information from users of IE7 which were not properly patched up by purchasing Google Adwords and insert links in those ad units which directs users into a seemingly legitimate site. But once a user is brought into the site, a stalling mechanism is employed which phises valuable information about the users. These sites are registered domain names owned by the hackers themselves and are tied up with the keywords such as BetterBusinessBureau and Florida Business Opportunity Law. Once the user click on the sponsored links they, the browser will display the site, a seemingly legit site. But what the user doesn’t know is that the site is just a stalling mechanism which enables the hackers to get vital information from the users.

Moral lesson of the story, practice proper software maintenance and be vigilant about security updates and patches from software manufactures to ensure that the software that you are using are free from hackers’ attack. Pretty simple and basic rule that online citizens neglect to do sometimes.

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Hackers Exploiting IE7 Flaw Through Google Sponsored Links

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