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Hackers Attack Google Video Search

 If last Saturday’s glitch on Google Search was a simple human error which didn’t really have anything to do with Google Search getting attacked by hackers, this time around Google’s video search engine is seriously under attack. The attack was made on Google Video Search results which contain redirection link that would point users to a site which contains malware waiting to attack their preys.

Researchers at Trend Micro discovered the malware threats which were spread on 400,000 queries on Google Video Search that would redirect the users to the malicious sites instead of pointing them to a video link. The threat which Trend Micro nicknamed AQPlay-A tries to deceive users in believing that they are being redirected to a site that would update their Adobe Flash Player to view the videos yielded by Google video search. Once the software is activated, it will lead to an infection that would spread through the users PC including removable and network drives.

The threat was successfully cloaked by the hackers leaving them unnoticeable by users. Trend Micro also noted that the hackers maintain several domains containing high-density targeted keywords that place high on Google Video SERPs.


So, if you’re still using Google Video Search to get your daily online video fix, be cautious when clicking on those Video Search Engine links. You’ll never know what you’re going to get when you click on those links.

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Hackers Attack Google Video Search

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