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Youtube is the largest video sharing site to date, with the most traffic and the highest amount of users on it making Youtube the definitive place for getting your videos published and marketed on. I have put together a guide on Youtube marketing for videos and I think you all will get a lot out of this.

Youtube is the second highest trafficked site globally according to alexa. Quantcast estimates 60 million unique viewers per month with a community base of predominately gen y viewers. Emarketer surveys recently did a research document on video viewer ship according to age and what they found is that the gen y generation views about 5-6 hours per day. The household incomes of these viewers are all pretty even from 0-100k +.

Youtube is optimized for 18 different languages and has a large presence in the asian market place. Youtube is the 4th most trafficked site in the united states so the power behind reaching your audience within America will be found on Youtube. To learn about more of the history of Youtube the wikipedia page does have some valuable info even though I hate giving wikipedia pages out it is useful.

Looking at the Youtube Algorithm:

Making it to the home page on Youtube is going to give your video the most amount of exposure. However, you don’t need to hit the home page to get your million views, it would sure help.

To do this you are looking at roughly a 15 day window of marketing efforts put into Youtube. This can be stretched out however depending on how you are trying to make it to the home page ( top favorites, top views, top comments etc.).

Keeping it Fresh

There is a freshness factor to your videos and it is much more difficult to get videos honors and movement within the search algorithm if the video is old. You would be better off removing that video and re-submitting it if you are looking to produce honors in a given field and to have a chance at hitting the home page with greater ease.

Keeping it Real

Factors to take into consideration when submitting a video is going to be your profile authority. How many friends does this profile have, how many subscribers and how many channel views. The reason this is important is to get more initial exposure and more views using a power profile will help you out greatly. Submitting a video on a orphan account with no friends or subscribers may raise some suspicion over at the Youtube headquarters. Make your profiles look natural and build them out.

Power of Views, Ratings, Favorites and Comments

Youtube has honors for each type of action that can be taken on a video. Honors for comments, favorites, ratings and views. As a marketer if you focus on anyone of these and get a substantial number of votes, favorites, ratings or views in a day you will see honors pretty quickly.

Remember the category you submit to and the type of channel you created has a lot to do with your success with getting honors. Gurus tend to get honors pretty easily within their channel area.

Tips for marketing on Youtube:

There are going to be a lot of tools Youtube has created for marketing your video. I will share them with you along with some other techniques we use.

    1. On videos there is a share option. You can share by email address or with friends you have attached to your account. Remember the more friends you have the more people you can send to. Also you can leverage social media sites when you try to share as well.

    2. Bulletin Boards: By posting a message this video will be displayed to all of your friends on your profile.

    3. Invite to subscribe: This feature is available in your account once you request a friend invite. See the post I did here.

    4. Add friends: Adding friends is a powerful way to gain exposure on Youtube. See my latest post here.

    5. Make sure your video appeals to the community

    6. Sharing videos with email: We like to go viral with our marketing campaigns for videos. Send videos out to your friends and family with a link to the video and an encouragement to share it.

    7. Use Submit the video to and then import your email addresses and send to your friends on stumble upon.

    8. Social Media it: You can leverage digg and other social sites like facebook and myspace to drive traffic to videos.

With the tools and tips I have listed out you will absolutely see success with your video marketing campaigns.

Good luck and I will see you all next time for the next in our series on video marketing – global countdown!

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  • Joe,

    I just read your complete post including all of the links. Very helpful my friend. IN fact, I just changed a few things on my profile. Good advice on the “select all friends” button… People abuse that feature and mess things up for the rest of us playing by the rules.

    Thanks for being a contributor to social community (web 2.0) 😉

    Our StomperNet Team teaches similar practices. Many marketers are just STILL trying to make the quick buck when the real money is gaining the mind share of the community for the long haul! Attraction… gained by Educating….for FREE and being a generally nice person.


    Scott Jay
    StomperNet, SMARTS and MASS CONTROL student.

  • Joe –

    I would add that there are a number of ways to brand a YouTube profile that can be used in conjunction with your approaches and really maximize what you get from YouTube. I wrote a post outlining them here:

  • Hi Joe, thanks for the post. Will you make a follow-up on how to evaluate your stats on Youtube video views, inbound links, embeddings, etc. to optimize your ongoing video campaign? I think it would make your advice even more rounded.

  • Great post. A marketing avenue I definitely need to be looking into more.

    A post ‘tips for creating a viral video’ would be an interesting follow up.

  • Thanks for the great post. Definitely an under explored segmant of the market, with the capability to go viral in a huge way.

    That “tips for creating a viral video” posting is definitely needed! Please indulge us!


    Jacques Snyman

  • Pithy post, with helpful tips here Joe. Did you look at the Supernerds thing before writing this (or some similar name; they organized and dominated the Youtube frontpage for a little while).

  • Good Info. Have you seen Reel SEO ? they have a lot of tech info on using video

  • You might also consider, when appropriate, adding a call to action directly into the video, e.g. “thanks for watching and be sure to click Subscribe for more action”…

  • Thats a great article. Had i of not seen it, i’d probably have been none the wiser.

  • Great info to know Joe. This is very helpful information. The only thing I would add is about the importance of the thumbnail. YouTube picks 3 thumbnails for people to chose from. So when creating a vid, it’s good to have a compelling frame in one of those three locations. Here is a little more more for anyone interested…

  • Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the VALUE you’ve offered here.

    I’m going to start applying what you’ve showed me here and am excited to see the results shortly!

    Without applying much of ANYTHING you’ve mentioned here, my youtube marketing has been excellent…

    Jenn Lawlor

  • Joe,

    your article gave me some ideas. Before more than an year I posted videos on Youtube to test it.

    The result is that now I am on the first page of Youtube for search of “cellulite” – which is good.

    But I don’t know how to use this success and how to benefit from thousands of views of my videos.

  • Hey Rumiana,

    You definitely need to be funneling your viewer to a lead capture page, if you aren’t already doing that.

    Take them to a page where you offer something of value and interest to them for FREE and then you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

    Without knowing much about your business or your goals, I can’t tell you much more… but really, the sky’s the limit when you have built up your value and have a happy list of people reading your emails.

    Let me know if I can help you out in any way…

    Jenn Lawlor

  • yes Indead.. this is all Great Content, however since this article was submitted there has been a surge in some other forms of video marketing that I want you all to be aware of ..
    This for of video incorporates a border-less technology that can be used on websites to add life to the web.

    check out to see for yourself what a high definition video spokesperson can do for your marketing campaign.

  • Hey Joe,

    Great work there, It is really good to get new ideas on how to spread word of mouth marketing, and knowledge by viral video.

    Love what you are doing here.


  • Excellent idea to get the word out to a large audience and drive targeted traffic to your website. thumps up for the tips mentionned for viral video marketing.

  • Thanks very much, Joe, for this very objective view of YouTube. In a recent white paper entitled “Small Business Guide To Web-Based Video Marketing” we’ve referenced your article among the additional resources at the end:

  • Nice info, we got a video created and uploaded some time back, we followed some of the tips but i would certainly be sure to implement your ideas. Thanks for sharing

  • Good post. Commenting or replying on videos is also a good way to attract visitors to your channel and videos.

  • It really isn’t easy getting your videos viral in nature or make it stand out amongst hundreds of other eager competitors within your field – i.e: a new rock band hoping to gain mass exposure on YouTube, with it’s unparalleled traffic can only really reap the rewards if they somehow managed to appear in the first page of their search terms/tags. A subtle hint – there are a few online companies that actually specialize in boosting your YouTube video count rate. Surely a win-win!

  • Where can you find more information about getting your video to appear in the top results? Do you need incoming links to your video, or what determines the results?

  • Thanks for the great tips. I have found Stumbleupon and Twitter to be very useful when getting more views for my videos.

  • Joe

    Very nice article!

    Try to look for Treepodia, a very interesting company in the field of video for ecommerce.

  • Not a bad tutorial…but a little too white hat for my devious tastes. Haha.

  • Hey awesome tutorial

    Check out for more.

  • Great post Joe!
    thanks for all the great information…

    You make some good points…

    I made a youtube video with a borat accent talking about stompernet.

    It got good ratings and a couple comments… it is currently my highest viewed youtube video.

    I look forward to growing my video marketing skills!


  • Definitely a good read if you want some tips on improving your YouTube rankings.

    I especially like the idea about sending your videos to family and friends so that they can share with others…..never thought about that before…worth a try.


  • Andrew

    Awesome article thanks for posting this!

  • this was a great post I enjoyed reading it. maybe sometime you could stop by my new blog and read a few of my post and let me know what you think.

  • cool. finally i found an interesting info about video marketing. thnx.

  • Thanks for the great tips. I have been looking for some practical how-to type material to get me started using my client’s existing video library more effectively. This will help a lot.

  • Very useful post. When properly done video marketing can certainly be a great way to get your website moving up the search engine result pages.

  • ok, your methods are good. one needs to work hard to implement these.

  • Interesting blog – but for average joe is the time it takes to use you tube worth the return in traffic?

  • YouTube certainly helps but requires hard work to make it help. More than anything, making consistently relevant web video is a bit difficult unless you’ve a clear idea.

    I know this because many users of my online video making course often share similar experience.

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    for my ezine. I am putting a link to this post in my ezine.

  • For italian speaking people, here you can find a collection of useful posts about video marketing and how to use Youtube for business:

  • If you are a regular YouTube user, chances are, you still are not 100% aware of the advanced filters YouTube has incorporated in their website. What this feature enables for marketers ultimately, is let them be able to filter out unsuccessful web videos and take a peek at and learn from the more prominent videos on the web that are up-to-date. Learning how to use YouTube advanced search is mandatory for any of your video marketing campaigns.

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  • viralvidgirl

    If you are looking for a way to automate your YouTube Marketing, I would suggest

    Tube Toolbox has some great features that give you instant results. Our traffic has increased tremendously