The Growth of Social Media v 3.0 [Infographic]

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The Growth of Social Media v 3.0 [Infographic]

Here at Search Engine Journal, we regularly assess our social media strategy to make sure that we’re on the right track to achieving our goals. I bet you’re doing the same if you’re an in-house social media marketer or a professional who handles a brand’s social media channels.

Since 2011, SEJ has published two infographics about the growth of social media. The first one was published in August 2011 while an updated version of it was posted two years after.

This year, the team at Pixel Road Designs (a company owned by our Chief Social Media Strategist, Brent Csutoras) released version 3.0 that shows the growth of social media from 2010 to 2015. According to the recent data, the following social media channels boast huge number of active users worldwide:

  • LinkedIn – 97 Million
  • Pinterest – 100 Million
  • Snapchat – 200 Million
  • Tumblr – 230 Million
  • Twitter – 316 Million
  • Google+ – 343 Million
  • Instagram – 400 Million
  • YouTube – 1 Billion
  • Facebook 1.5 Billion

See the infographic below for an in-depth look at the growth of social media:

The Continued Growth of Social Media [Infographic] | SEJ

What does the growth of social media mean to your business? Share with us in the comments.


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Infographic by Pixel Road Designs. Used with permission.

Aki Libo-on
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  • Thomas androws

    What? :O Twitter has 24% Male users and 21% Female!!! what about the remaining 55%? (Bots! May be :P)

    • Jenifer Soflous

      remaining 55% are Inactive users? @Aki Libo-on What about that ?

      • Brent Csutoras

        Correct, or their sex cannot be verified.

  • Jenifer Soflous

    Great. Big Data analyzed. Mobile Marketing will play a big role in upcoming years and every business will rely on Social Media Marketing more Search Engine Marketing. is it any possible to beat all these Social Medias by any new and unique Social Media ?

  • Khalid Hussain

    Nice, I must say it’s a brilliant blog. Indeed to gain business, I believe this trend of digital mode of marketing is directly linked to increasing trend of Social media. In other words, both are interrelated. Thanks for this brilliant info!!

  • WindyCityParrot

    I think social media has done nothing but fragment the marketplace making it harder for the SMB to be heard.

    If you have any sort of significant social media presence it’s highly time-consuming all without a lot of ROI (I’m talking real dollars not data)

    Why is there no mention about email and blogging in the IGj?

    I question these numbers especially Facebook – how many of those numbers are dogs cats and birds as a secondary profile.

    I follow 6000 people and twitter – whatam I supposed to do – read every one of their posts – evry day? I’d be paralyzed and miss new cat videos on Youtube

    I think Mark Zuckerberg a most brilliant scam artist right up there with Bernie Maddof


    Social media is improving day to day.. But what about in active users in social media?

  • Frederic Gonzalo

    97 million active users on Linkedin? Says who? I thought the latest figure was more like 380 million active users… which would make more sense, knowing it’s been around since 2003, one year earlier than Facebook. I question this stat.
    Thanks for all the rest, though. Lots of insightful information to digest. Cheers,

    • possibilitygirl

      It’s consistent with other data I’ve seen lately – (the data at the link puts LinkedIn’s *unique visiting members* at about 100 million per month)

  • WindyCityParrot

    That’s a lot of social media users on that infographic so Allow me to reframe the issue – using social media to communicate your message is the equivalent of shouting “your” message out at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City – the loudest stadium in the NFL

    All those numbers are great but if nobody can hear you social media has no value

    • possibilitygirl

      That’s where the importance of defined targeting & testing come into play! In the past 6 months, I have launched Facebook campaigns for clients that are driving a 3-7x return on ad spend. Facebook also allows advertisers more freedom to test creative and messaging quickly before expanding campaigns to display channels.
      TL;DR version: social media has a lot more value than you’re giving it credit for, it just has to be used correctly and tested methodically.

  • Kate Evans

    Hi! Really interesting post and it is great that I came across it! I think that social media are now so well established and they keep growing! And I think this is not surprising, because social media usage has developed and become widespread very quickly. As it appeared to be all around us, we cannot imagine our life without using it. Not long ago, I have found an article called: “Life without social media” and I can tell you that there are very few people who prefer to live without it.

  • Joe Buttler

    Social media is speeding high in these days. and i think should be and am glad to hear about Social Media V 3.0..Interesting & it’ll help us for our business and sales.

  • Vimlesh Maurya

    Really very Interesting Info-graphic for Social Media.

    Thanks SEJ for sharing.