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  • James R. Halloran

    All good points here, Eric! I’ll add one to your list — variety. I think people often get stuck in a rut posting the same kinds of images because they think that’s what their audience wants to see.

    For example, I follow a lot of models because that’s a niche focus I’m interested. It’s no surprise that many of them post A LOT of selfies, but I notice the models I like following most share something other than themselves — a beautiful city skyline, funny quotes and memes, etc.

    The variety really draws me in, and I think the same works for any individual or business. Anyway, thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading it.

  • metz

    Good tip on how to use Instagram for businesses on and offline.

    I like it when you say there is no bad photographer in this social media platform but high quality and valuable images is still significant.

    Engagement is all around, that is vital and will never be out of a marketer’s list. Great stuff to dig in!

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  • Swayam Das

    The hashtags idea works really great! Personally I’ve also noticed that sharing high quality images does havoc ūüėČ

  • Peter

    I agree with Swayam, the hashtags do help you gain a small amount of followers. I really like how you mentioned “To inject some fun into their photo feed, the business owners should post pictures of their employees being silly or having fun during a break.”, it makes the franchise/business seem more down to earth and more friendlier. I can also imagine the amount of fun that would take place during these photos.