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Grokker Adds Google Results to 2.1 Plug-in

Groxis, Inc last week released the full public release of Grokker 2.1 and its Google plug-in. Freely available to all Grokker 2.1 customers, the Google plug-in provides Groxis’ customers with access to Google search results.

The Google plug-in is Groxis’ first search partner to leverage the newly developed information retrieval framework now available in Grokker 2.1. Groxis is quietly advancing its core technology to radically improve the power of desktop search. The new framework in 2.1 requires highly relevant search results in order to produce the best visual search results with Grokker. The Google’s Beta Web API handily met the strict requirements. As a result, Groxis developed a special plug-in that enables users to view the Google search results in prominently designated Google-specific Grokker visual maps.

“We are very excited about Grokker 2.1, our strongest release to date. We’ve increased application speed by as much as 200%, and noticeably improved the precision of the Grokker visual mapping,” said Jean-Michel Decombe, CTO and co-founder of Groxis. “But we’re not stopping there. The innovation has really just begun at Groxis. We’re now working deep below the surface of visual information management. This will lead us beyond web search as we see it today, and will set the stage for some very surprising products yet to come from Groxis later this year,” he added.

Groxis also highlighted its expanding customer base and its increasingly complimentary positioning amongst the field of leading web search companies. The company confirmed that the search market as a whole (customers and search providers) is clearly evolving and becoming increasingly more committed to leveraging Grokker technology in a variety of different ways.

Groxis is a pioneer in visual information software technology and the creator of the first breed of Graphical Information Interface (GII) software called Grokker(TM). The Grokker software makes information research easy, intuitive, and sensible. One software platform for every person, profession, and pursuit. Grokker information maps are an innovative information currency that radically improves the way people, groups, and organizations discover, organize, and convey large amounts of information.

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Grokker Adds Google Results to 2.1 Plug-in

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