Greatest Linkbuilding Story Ever Told

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My philosophy is that if the link gets indexed in Google then it is a really good back link. Those that get indexed higher have more quality. Those that get indexed AND rank for your specific keyword are generally the best backlinks to have.

I use Firefox with the SEO for Firefox plugin to help weed out backlinks. This plugin highlights nofollow links with a red highlight which makes it easier to determine if it’s a decent back link to get. Saves a lot of time when you’re searching through the search engine trying to find backlinks.

I have never needed to buy a link from another domain owner, reciprocal link, or even 3 way links. If you look into these tips, you’ll never need to.  You’ll notice that I’m not recommending following your direct competition. A lot of them are on page 1 because of old links that are usually unattainable.

Please use this information with caution, and make sure to read Google guidelines concerning spamming before proceeding with any of these techniques.

  1. Checking out the 3rd party competition – This is pretty simple, but very effective. Basically, you will need to search your key term, and sift through the first 3-20 pages of the search results. Notice that I put starting from the 3rd page not pages 1-2. BTW I’m not telling you NOT to start from page 1, but that direct competitors are usually on the first 2 pages. Usually 3rd party websites will fall under the latter pages, and these links are usually of good quality. This is how I found out about This website is VERY HELPFUL when dominating the top positions for local searches. They offer a blog with follow links.

    Search “Miami SEO” (w/out quotations) – I started skimming the pages starting from page 3, found 8 backlinks

    Page 3,
    Page 4,,
    Page 5
    Page 8
    Page 10

  2. Search outside of your niche – I was talking with a local PPC Expert David Kyle, and he was telling me of how many nonrelated sites were being used to rank for Viagra. That got me thinking about how these links were all nonrelevant links, but that they were indexed so high due to their authority. If you search for the key term “buy viagra” (w/out quotations) you’ll notice JUST on page 2 that there are 5 listings with that are forum profiles. All these 5 listings are DOFOLLOW links, and they’re ranking on page 2 for a VERY COMPETITIVE key term. You’ll notice that NOT one of these sites have anything to do with the search term.
  3. Follow link building companies – Google this key term w/out quotations “link building companies” The purpose of this is that these guys will know where a lot of links are since they do it for a living. Of course everyone knows about searching for on Yahoo, but sometimes yahoo shows 4-5 pages of backlinks from the same website. I like to get the domain name, and search it with quotations in Google. (I take out the http and the www portion). Get the link building company’s URL, and search it on Google “”. This step will not bring up all the anchor text links but it weeds out a lot of links.
  4. Searching by usernames – This is pretty big since a lot of link builders usually use the same USERNAME! Sometimes the link builder will use different links for different sites, but if you search the username then you’ll find all of their links! You will need to start with the 3rd point in this article, and then start looking for the usernames that are used to create the link. If the username gets indexed, then there’s a huge possibility that the link in the page also got crawled. Try it out, and don’t laugh too hard when you see how many links come up when you Google “layla17” (use quotations)
  5. Finding Old domain links – I searched this term on Google “oldest websites online” (w/out quotations), and this link came up I took each link in this website, and went on Google and searched it with a keyword like HP forums or HP blogs or HP community.  Some of these places give you profiles with a dofollow back link.
  6. Finding EDU/GOV links – Everyone knows about using,,, etc. I like to also go on Google and search by school name with forum, blog, or community next to it. You can also search for “edu forum” (w/out quotations). One of the simplest ways is just posting a job in the schools job section. A lot of schools allow companies to post a job in their career section with a link. These links are usually w/out anchor text, but are dofollow and edu!
  7. Social bookmarking – Directories like DMOZ are outdated, and were/are the old school directories. Most of the pages are not indexed and/or have no PR. Today we have new directories that are created by individual users which are called Social Bookmarking (SB). SB allows you to create your own directory, and you’re allowed to put any anchor text you like. Some of these bookmarking sites also get indexed and may even reach page 2-3 for a key term.
  8. Check every unfamiliar link that is sent to you – One of the local experts in Social Media, Roy Morejon, likes to post a lot of good information on Twitter. I have received a handful of backlinks from checking out his tweets. There may be a community in the site that will allow you to get a back link from a profile, blog post, or even the classified section. Roy sent out a link that I knew about before, but if his other readers were paying attention then they would’ve known that they can get a couple of backlinks on
  9. Search for major blogs that get indexed well – Activerain, Trulia, Realtown, Merchantcircle, Spike, and Wannanetwork all have one thing in common….they all allow free blogs that you can post your articles with a dofollow back link.
  10. Guest Blog – You can start off with places like guzzle, associated content, americanchronicle, ezine, helium to post articles with backlinks, and putting links in your profile. This will help you get noticed by Editors on a more popular site, and they’ll ask you to guest blog on their site! I posted an article on this well known SEO blog site, and was spotted by Search Engine Journal’s Talent Scout Ann Smarty. I posted an article about “Building an Authority Site from Scratch” on SEJ, and I received a few hundred backlinks just from 1 article!

Robert Enriquez is an SEO Consultant located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert can be found on Twitter or his blog about SEO

Robert Enriquez

Robert Enriquez

Robert Enriquez, Founder of Search Exchange, can be contacted at his SEO Company site, through twitter @SearchExchange.
Robert Enriquez

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  • Camilo

    Great article and tips.

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    Great article Robert – Thanks for the mention in your article, always glad to help.

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    Roy – no problem. Always have to give credit to where it’s due!

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    Great Story

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  • Hamlet Batista

    Great article, but I am confused. How does one link gets indexed higher than another?

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    Hamlet – thank you for your comment.

    There are several factors of why a domain ranks higher than another domain.

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    The title of this post had nothing at all to do with the content.

    Greatest Linkbuilding Story Ever Told

    The title makes you think there will be a “story” but there is none, in fact there is just bullets. Also link building is two words.

  • Robert Enriquez

    Todd – thank you for your comment

    Maybe my next post will be about Link bait 101

  • Keith Schilling

    “Maybe my next post will be about Link bait 101”

    LOL – nice one Robert!

  • Dave

    awesome post – completely agree on the fact that direct competitor link analysis points you mainly to old sidebar paid text links that are no longer relevant and unreachable (for well established sites). I’ll therefore give a go at implementing some of your tactics that I’d never read about before.

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    No story but who cares. The title got me to the post and the content in the post is pretty damn good.
    Thanks for the tips.

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    Not sure it is the greatest link building story ever told, but it may be the most intimidating ๐Ÿ™‚

    Getting backlinks is hard work. Most people would say it sucks. Your list of methods is a great list to follow and demonstrates the commitment one must make to get quality links.

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    Since I do all my own SEO, I have had to teach myself from sites like searchenginejournal. My posts on this site and others though not related to glass jewelry have certainly helped my rankings.

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    I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but when it comes to all the strategies involved with linkbuilding my eyes start to glaze over.

    Your tips were very straightforward and I actually found myself understanding some of what you were saying. A few more read-throughs and I just might be able to put some them into practice.

    Thanks. This information came along just when I needed it.

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    This is the great article for this new generation SEO companies to focus on their client websites.

    I think you can also include this point also,
    There are some of the product review websites where we can write something about the product by placing the link for our website. There links are also do follow links as well. This can be also considered for building links.

  • Damin

    Worth info, thanks for sharing

  • Adam

    Great list. Definitely hadn’t thought of some ideas like #4. Smart man, good post.

  • Michael

    How about going after backlinks by spying out competitors’ backlinks?

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    Scott – thank you for the tweet, and comment
    Cap – thank you for your comment

    Damin – no problem..please pass it along ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Michael – i tried to put up ‘new ideas’ besides using the link command and going after your competitor’s links. I would spend a lot more time just finding links then finding competitor links. Usually their links are unattainable because they received it a while ago

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    Robert, great post on link building! One of the best I’ve read in a while. Keep it coming – will be back for more.


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    thanks Robert this has filled my head with ideas and now to go put them into practice. for me, the social bookmarking is becoming important and if i could get motivated enough, a blog.

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    Jan – great seeing this article go all the way to Germany!

    Chris – outsourcing is a great way to spend more time playing golf ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kenny – PR8 will not get you to the top of the search engines ๐Ÿ™‚

    John – thanks for your commment. SB has been around for a while, and you just need to stick to those that are dofollow. You wont see much benefit from sites that are nofollow

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    Hi Robert, I popped over here from Web Pro World and am glad I did so. We do back link building for a few clients, usually only the one’s that appreciate it takes time and is an investment. I think we are fairly advanced in our methods but admit you are ahead of our game. I really appreciate this information and I hope people that are reading realize a nugget when one is presented as they are only too rare. Best regards.

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    Checking the competition is the best, and its not that hard. What you do with the information that is very crucial. Beware though, somone else might check on you too.

    Google might put a stop to this, already thers backlink information on the webmaster tools, it would be very easy for them to only allow verified webmasters to see their backlinks and completly shut off query from outside webmaster tools. In a way make the backlinks info private

  • Thai_guy

    This is not the first time I have heard mention of restricting the backlink checker to Webmaster tools. That would be a bummer but would not be too surprising.

    Robert how are you doing with your next work of brilliance. Please post something on this thread so that us follows can see the latest.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Very refreshing to get some tips besides the typical link building bulls**t that everyone regurgitates. Very creative & useful! Thank you!

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    Firefox is a great tool for every IMer,and there a lot of addons that help decide what to know about any website

  • London Hairdressers

    Very useful tips to gain backlinks, worked my way through many of them and am still playing around to continue to try and get more, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • London Hairdressers

    Very useful tips to gain backlinks, worked my way through many of them and am still playing around to continue to try and get more, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚