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Google’s October 2023 Core Update Now Complete

Google completed its October 2023 core search update rollout, which aims to improve rankings by promoting quality content.

  • Google finished rolling out the October 2023 Core Update.
  • Core updates target primary search algorithms to improve results and demote low-quality sites.
  • Those impacted should focus on helpful content, positive user experience, and incremental improvements.

After weeks of gradual rollout, Google completed its latest core search algorithm update on October 19.

First announced on October 5, the October 2023 Core Update is expected to significantly shift search rankings, as previous core updates have done.

Core updates target the primary ranking systems in Google’s search engine algorithms. They aim to promote authoritative, trustworthy, and helpful content while downgrading low-quality sites.

What Does This Mean For Rankings?

Google core updates often lead to turbulence in search rankings that can last until the next update. Some sites may see increased visibility and traffic, while others experience drops.

During an active core update rollout, it’s common to see search results fluctuate daily, as Google’s algorithms process the changes. Patience is advised, along with routinely monitoring site analytics.

Google recommends reviewing content, expertise, and user experience for sites negatively impacted. Identifying areas for improvement through additional high-quality content or website tweaks can aid recovery.

Why Does Google Launch Core Updates?

Core updates allow Google to improve search quality and thwart attempts to manipulate rankings through dubious SEO tactics. They help surface authoritative, trustworthy content.

Google typically releases multiple core updates per year. Each update may target different ranking factors and have varying levels of impact.

Best Practices For Recovery

For publishers concerned about core updates, the best practices are:

  • Focus on helpful, factual content that establishes expertise and authority.
  • Optimize sites for positive user experience across devices.
  • Routinely check search analytics and performance.
  • Make incremental improvements over time vs. reacting only during updates.
  • Remember that quality content and sites are rewarded in the long term.

Core updates bring uncertainty but are intended to improve the quality of Google Search.

With continuous refinement and high-value content, sites can expect to maintain visibility through even major algorithm shifts.

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Google’s October 2023 Core Update Now Complete

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