Google World’s No.1 Brand, Again

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I guess reading a news item saying that Google is the world’s no. 1 is not surprising anymore. So next question to ask, is how much is Google’s worth nowadays. According to MillWard Brown, Google’s value now stood at $85 billion dollar. Thus , beating other five company brands which include General Electric ($71.4B), Microsoft, ($70.89m), Coca-Cola ($58.2m) and China mobile ($57.2m), Google has proven its might once again.

The Millward Brown study also noted that the top five brands has managed to maintained their positions during the year. Except for minor increased in valuation for all companies during the whole of 2007.

Business brands are more active in the next top five brand names. With increases in valuation coming from brands such as Apple, IBM, McDonalds and Marlboro.

Incidentally, Yahoo figures nowhere near the top 10 global brands. Makes you wonder whether Microsoft may have offered an equitable amount for its desire to acquire Yahoo. But, we will leave that discussion until Saturday, when the Microsoft deadline for Yahoo to decide on their offer comes into reality.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Khamnam

    Google is really something. It is just like, Google is going to dominate this world. Waiting for the Yahoo’s decision on Saturday!

  • Seattle Web Design

    Rock on Google. I’m still kicking my butt by not picking up the IPO!

  • Andrew

    According to metasearch which fetching results from Google,Yahoo,MSN on one screen in three columns side by side, 40% of results found in the Google column, 31% of results found in the Yahoo column and 27% of results found in the MSN Live column.

    This stat data based on 20000 requests.

    So, if you use only Google – you lost 60% of potential results !!! but it is better than others.

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    Tripleme is a nice suggestion. I can see the ranking of my potential keywords in a single page on the 3 major SE’s

  • vinod

    Yes , Google is best .

    But Because it show me in first page when I search in