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Google Won’t Just Step Down the Search Rankings, Tops comScore’s November Report

Google Won’t Just Step Down the Search Rankings, Tops comScore’s November Report

Looks like Google is out to dominate the search engine battle this year. It has consistently topped search engine rankings from various web analytics reports for the past couple of months, and in what seems to be the final ranking for this year, it once again shown the search engine industry its supremacy in terms of search usage.

Based on the latest comScore report, Google again lead the pack with 58.6% (up by 0.2%) of all the core searches for November. Following Google is Yahoo with 22.4% (down by 0.4%) and Microsoft which is steady at 9.8%. Ask Network and Time Warner’s AOL got 4.6% and 4.5% respectively. Time Warner is the biggest gainer of all the search engines with a 0.3% increased in search ranking as compare to October.

Of the total 10 billion searches conducted in November, Goole got 5.8 billion while Yahoo got 5.8 billion. Both search engine registered a decrease of 4.7% and 4.4% respectively in terms of total number of searches made. Microsoft, Ask Network and Time Warner Network follows the two top search engines respectively.

With December data not due until January 2008, and likewise with December being the slowest month in terms of search activities, it is now safe to say that Google is indeed the king of search for 2007.

And although the statistics show that the difference between Google and the other two major search engines, Yahoo and Microsoft, is way too big, 2008 would be a tough year for both Yahoo and Microsoft if both search engines would want to grab some statistics from Google. Google may seem to far ahead of the pact in terms of statistics, but Yahoo and Microsoft can still catch up in due time, with the right strategy.

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