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Google Wave Now Available for Everyone, Are You Still Interested?

Google has taken off the exclusivity of Google Wave and has just made it available to everyone. So, starting today, you can just go to and start using Google Wave. No more hunting and waiting for that “precious” Google Wave invite folks. Everyone is now free to use Google Wave. The question is, are we still interested with Google Wave?

It took six months before Google finally decided to release Google Wave for public consumption and it is now part of Google Labs. In addition, Google is also making Google Wave available to Google Apps account holders at no extra costs. Google Apps administrator can easily enable Google Wave for all their users.

The official Google Blog also says that Google Wave is now much faster and more stable than it was six months ago. And there are some useful features that were introduced as well during the past six months including – email notifications when wave changes, easier navigation to unread parts of a wave, and more.

So, are you still using Google Wave or have you ditched it a long time ago, especially when Google Buzz came out?

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Google Wave Now Available for Everyone, Are You Still Interested?

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