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Google Wants to Heal the World through Non-Profit Organizations

Google Wants to Heal the World through Non-Profit Organizations

Google has launched its web portal for non-profit organizations. With various Google web tools available for non-profit organizations to use in their advocacy, development and social work, Google wants to help in making our world a better place to live.

The Google for Non-Profit site also features bright ideas and tutorials compiled by Google staff themselves on how non-profit organizations can utilize the power of the web, technology and Google. Non-profits can use the Google tools to promote their advocacy and work, raise money, find donors and operate more efficiently.

In case you’re still wondering how Google for Non-Profit can actually help NPOs work, here are some examples given by Google.

  • Use Google docs to collaborate with colleagues when making grant application
  • Cut cost and save time with Google hosted email, eliminates domain hosting cost
  • Use Google Checkout to use donations
  • Apply free advertising through Google Grants program to increase site traffic and get major web buzz
  • Start a blog and use if for information dissemination and empowerment of supporters

Actually , except for Google Grants, all the tools listed in the Google for Non-profit site are practically the same tools available for free to web users. It’s just a matter of rebranding and repackaging those tools to reflect social relevance to the service. But it still is a worthy endeavour.


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