Google Wants to Change the World with 5 Initiatives

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Google’s philanthropic arm, announces its 5 core initiatives that will be the focus of its social responsibility activities. Using its strong information and technology infrastructure, will partner with experienced experts in the fields relating to the 5 core initiatives. This 5 core initiatives which shall be the guiding principles of in the next 5 to 10 years are; predict and prevent, inform and empower, SMB empowerment, renewable energy use, and rechargeIT.In brief here’s what each of the core initiatives are all about:

Predict and Prevent – will be working closely with various international organizations to predict the occurrences of natural disasters, calamities and health catastrophes and promulgate ways of preventing these events from becoming the next worldwide pandemic.

Inform and Empower – will work with expert partners in improving the flow of vital information to improve basic services for the poor in India, East Africa and other developing countries where basic services fail to reach the poorest member of the society.

SME development support – will enhance institutional support to small and medium enterprises to access larger financial markets and open up more investment opportunities.

Renewable Energy Use – Launched in November 2007 as RE<C, this program aims to reduce coal utilization and refocus energy use towards a cheaper and environmentally friendly renewable energy source.

RechargeIT – Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use and stabilize electrical grid through accelerated adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, will invest $500,000 to $2 million in funding initiatives that will promote plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles and/or vehicle-to-grid solutions.

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  • I do not Trust Google when it come to talking “Do no Evil!” I am sure Loren will concur with me .

  • It seem like google will CTRL the world!
    🙂 I like Google

  • Inform & Empower, would be a great initiative for India, where the government is spending a lot of tax payers money on social initiatives, but the beneficiaries are not aware. Less than 10% of the money reaches the beneficiaries, the balance vanishes into corrupt people’s pockets. Wish more large corporates come up with such initiatives like google

  • Minor typo — $5000,000 isn’t a real value…

  • Oh, please, $26M is just what they find between the couch cushions.


  • I hope they will achieve their goals.

  • Ahhh Google, the Microsoft of the 2000’s…

  • After a Billion or two, what better to do with your money than change the world?

  • “Google is taking over the world” should be the title 😀

  • Oh…Google is not only dominating the search market, it is planning to dominate the internet world. And now it is going green.

  • Hello. I think this is great news. I like yet. Much appreciated 🙂

  • Can you imagine cars on streets with adsense ads on them? Big G. ain’t doing anything for free I think.