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Google Video Upload Program – Video Search or Blogging?

Google Video Upload Program – Video Search or Blogging?

Google just launched its Video Upload program moments ago after creating some buzz around the video web world last week and rumors about Google getting involved with Video Blogging. Google Video Upload is now in beta and is described by Google as a community where video producers can “give your videos the recognition and visibility they deserve by promoting them on Google – for free. Signing up for the Google Video Upload Program will connect your work with users who are most likely to want to view them”

The upload program lets users submit videos electronically to Google Video if the owner has the necessary rights (including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and any other relevant rights for your content). Google adds that since the program is still in beta it will take time for the videos to appear in the Google Video Index. Taking a SEO spin, users can add meta data to their video uploads; “Each time you submit a video, you’ll be asked to add information about your video with as much related information as you can provide (Geeks call this metadata). This will help users find your videos. The more information you provide, the better your video can be searched.”

Allen Weiner at the Yahoo Video Blogging Group describes the Google Video Upload process: You are asked to download an installer (small .exe file) that allows you to scan your directory. It now supports a lot of varied formats, but not my MPEG-4. I alerted Google and they will have it added within a day.

The goal, as Google explains, is to understand the nature of what’s out there in the video world in terms of content types and topics. They will build taxonomy and indexing based mostly on XML tags. So, the more you tag and the more precise your tags, the more in-depth the taxonomy.

Down the road, it’s likely Google will want to be an enabler between content creator and consumer by offering a service that either inserts ads (using Ad Sense) or collects fees on behalf of consumer creators….YES, Google might become a hosting site.

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Google Video Upload Program – Video Search or Blogging?

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