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Google Updates Trademark Policy on Keywords Ads

Starting June 15, Google AdWords will start displaying trademarks on keywords ads, the Inside Adwords Blog announced. This new policy would allow advertisers to use trademarks in the ad text  that AdWords will run for their ad campaigns.According to Google this update is their way of putting the AdWords policy on trademarks in keywords ads in line with the advertising industry standard.

The new policy would allow advertisers to use trademark which they don’t own or if they have seek approval from the trademark owner to use such trademark.

This policy is somehow  aimed at reducing the number of generic ads that AdWords display which do not yield too much gains for product owners.  On another perspective, this also puts a safeguard on Google regarding possible complaints from product owners who are demanding that Google should not encourage other advertisers to use those keywords on their ads especially if they are brand competitors.

The new trademark policy on keywords ads is valid only for ads served in the U.S. on and to U.S. users on the Search and Content Networks.

If you’re ads belong to these category, you may want to read the detailed FAQ regarding this new trademark policy.

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Google Updates Trademark Policy on Keywords Ads

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