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Google Updates Search Console Shopping Tab Listings Report

Learn more about the latest features in Google Search Console to help merchants check the status of and optimize product listings.

  • Google has enhanced the Shopping tab in its Search Console to give merchants better control over their product listings.
  • The new features are being rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.
  • Merchants must associate their Search Console property with a Merchant Center account to use these new features.

Google has updated the Shopping tab Listings report in Search Console, providing merchants with listing statuses and opportunities for growth.

The latest additions to the Shopping tab, introduced last November, should help vendors showcase their products effectively.

Notifications And Growth Opportunities In The Listing Report

The latest Shopping tab Listing report changes could help merchants increase sales by ensuring products are visible on Google.

First, merchants will now receive alerts when their products no longer appear on the Shopping tab due to any issues that might arise.

This notification mechanism is expected to act as an early warning system, allowing businesses to resolve issues that prevent products from appearing in Google Search.

Screenshot from Google, September 2023

Second, the updated report will identify opportunities for merchants to boost clicks and enhance the rankings of their products on Google.

For example, it would instruct merchants to enter the most relevant information about shipping and return policies for consumers.

The tool could help businesses optimize their product visibility on the top search engine.

How To Access The New Shopping Tab Listing Report Features

To take advantage of these updates, merchants must associate their Search Console property with a Merchant Center account.

Any Search Console property owner with admin rights to the corresponding Merchant Center account can set up this association.

Once this is done, all users accessing that Search Console property can leverage these newly added features.

Google stated that this rollout will happen gradually over the next few weeks.

Merchants are advised to check the Shopping tab listings section in the Search Console for availability and follow the instructions to integrate these features.

Ensuring Product Visibility For Consumers

This update marks another step by Google to strengthen its ecommerce infrastructure for online store owners.

Thanks to the new Shopping tab features, Google Merchant Center and Search Console users can expect a more streamlined, efficient, and effective way to manage and grow their product listings.

Featured image: Casimiro PT/Shutterstock

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Google Updates Search Console Shopping Tab Listings Report

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