New Google Privacy Policy Update: Your Data Now Combined Across Google Services

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google-changes-privacy-policyEarlier this afternoon, Google announced plans to begin tracking users across e-mail, YouTube, Google+, search, and almost all of the other Google products. The change, which combines 70 privacy documents into one, will go into effect on March 1st. Since the new privacy policy will collect large amounts of personal data across multiple Google properties and will not allow users to opt out, it has already come under fire by privacy advocates.

Alma Whitten, Google’s Director of Privacy, said the following of the new policy on the Google blog:

“We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect Google and our users. We also use this information to offer you tailored content – like giving you more relevant search results and ads.”

The new change will allow Google to collect data across all of their products and custom-tailor your web experience. For example, if you spent the last hour searching for information about the New England Patriots, the next time you visit YouTube, there’s a good chance you will get recommendations for videos featuring Tom Brady. In addition, Google will be able to use the extra data to customize suggested search queries, display more relevant ads (i.e. Super Bowl tickets), and alter the search results to match your intent.

While consolidating the 70 privacy policies Google currently uses into one document is logical, there are serious privacy concerns related to this change. Even though a personalized search experience and customized ads may appeal to some users, many individuals have already expressed concern with how Google will be able to collect data from multiple sources and use that data. For example, Google will now be able to collect information from Android mobile phone users and associate that data with their Google accounts. Also, Google will be able to take the information provided on a Google Profile and use that information across other sites – even if the person had previously chosen not to share their name or photo.

At this time, Google Wallet, the Chrome browser, and Google Books are exempt from the new privacy policy.

[Sources Include: The Official Google Blog & Washington Post]

David Angotti

David Angotti

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  • Assignment Writing Service

    I think there is nothing wrong, unless it hurts your privacy… this new privacy policy certainly improves the user experience and ultimately users satisfaction matters most.

  • Adam Laurie

    Stuff like this just reaffirms my thoughts that we are heading to a ‘Big Brother’ world. They will know everything about us, be able to manipulate what we read, listen to and buy!
    Scary thoughts!!

  • Emilio Ramirez

    I heard about the new privacy polics and its a great improvement.

  • Patricia

    I don’t really mind that Google has decided to start tracking users as a way to improve their services, the only thing I would have a little of concern about is that none of the users’ private information get exposed to everyone.

  • Anthony Pensabene

    Why can’t we opt out? Isn’t search a “service?” Hmmm.. so if I went to a different service provider, say my fav sushi spot, will they start giving me a customized menu, limiting my selections because it’s ostensibly my style? I’m not sure I want to be ‘categorized’ without option to broaden my horizons. Isn’t the Web supposed to lead to desired info….and then some, a learning resource? I really hope G doesn’t turn into some high-end “list broker” in the future, giving out our private info for business-serving purposes…

  • orwell

    Big Brother wants to know everything about you.

  • CK

    Google is controlled by the illuminati so this is no surprise. I’m just glad I read this article in time to remind me to delete all the google cookies on my main browser and use my other browser to do my gmail and youtubing. I am step by step weaning my way off google by planning on deleting my gmail account and using my own domain name email.

  • Michael Wilson

    some people,( i wont mention any names ) believe that google will be spying for the government and i have done extensive research on this and have found out that this is simply not true! the government doesnt need google to help them spy on us, they have dedicate computers that do that already.

    this new google policy will be very helpful to the majority and might be annoying to some but they are not becoming big brother and none of ur info is at risk.

    stop being sooo paranoid!


    Google doesn’t offer an opt-out option, because the wouldn’t be able to (atleast legally) track you and or provide the collected data to government agencies, marketeers, and God only knows who else…
    Currently weaning all Internet activity from Google in order to protect my privacy from “big brother”.
    You can’t be dumb enough to believe that Google would provide any ostensible evidence of their tracking and/or governmentally controlled/mandated data collection…