Google Unveils E-Commerce Search Solution

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What an opportune time for Google to launch another business enteprise solution geared for big e-commerce site than right now? Just in time for the onset of the holiday shopping season Google unveiled Commerce Search. Think of it as a the Custom Search Engine for e-commerce sites, big commerce sites to be exact.


Google Commerce Search aims to make the otherwise cumbersome task of searching for products on e-commerce sites easier and more fun, a post from the Official Google Blog said.

In brief the Google Commerce Search has the following features:

  • the same lightning fast Google searching technology applied to retailers databases enabling consumers to find the right products in a snap,
  • a scalable hosted solution that aims to increase seasonal query volume
  • search refinement functionality that can automatically generate groupings based on user query and matching items,
  • easily manageable product promotions that provides complete control to marketers and e-commerce site administrators
  • full customization option for controling how products are displayed on search results landing pages
  • no additional admistrative cost for deployment and maintenance
  • customized reporting and statistical analysis via integrated Google Analytics

Finally, pricing scheme for Google Commerce Search will depend on the number of products/items on businesses’ data feed and search queries.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Ahmad Barirani

    Ok this is an interesting concept. It will give new life to an aging sector: ecommerce.

  • Todd

    Only $50k a year minimum!

    Not bad 😉

  • Dipali

    I’m observing since last few months that google is doing pretty good job either by introducing new features in their existing products like in google analytics or by introducing new thing like E-commerce search solution.

  • Lindsay

    This solution sounds great, but there are some issues with some of the basics of the functionality of their search, especially the filters and relevancy they show on the Google Store search. See our blog post for details on these issues

  • iva

    Hi, All is good here!
    Can anyone avdice me of how to add my URL address to google search engine , but immediately, because I have sibmited to google weebmaster tools and my website still doesn’t showes there, then I have submited with other search engines and it is still same. Please to give me an advice if anyone knows of how to verify my URL with google immediately. Thank you very much indeed.