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Google Tops User Satisfaction Index

Report of the recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index showed that there are more satisfied Google users now than there were last year. The report also showed that all the major search engines have improved on their overall ranking for this quarter as compared to their rankings in the same period last year.


The American Consumer Satisfaction Index is based on the comparison of customer satisfaction among companies, e-business and other sectors as well. And according to the report all the major search engines have improved their status in the user satisfaction index.

Unexpectedly, Google beats all the other search engines with its 86% satisfaction rating,  All the other search engines got 78% satisfaction rating. But take note, the report was done right after Microsoft announced Bing and the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. So, we can’t really say that this trend will change once the effect of Bing and the Yahoo-Microsoft  creeps into the market.

But then which is more important quality of search results or quantity of searches made? Currently in both, Google is still leading the pack. But Bing is gradually gaining grounds in terms if search quantity. Perhaps Microsoft should also look into this aspect and consider giving more meaningful search results that will up user satisfaction.

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Google Tops User Satisfaction Index

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