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Google Tops Nielsen’s July Search Share Rankings

Google Tops Nielsen’s July Search Share Rankings

There’s a couple of interesting things to note in the July search share ranking released by Nielsen-Online. But first, yes as expected Google once again leads the pack garnering around 4.8 billion searches of the total 8 billion searches conducted for July in the U.S. What so interesting about this figure is the fact that Google has registered a 16% year-to-year growth. Even more interesting is the fact that Google’s YOY is even bigger than the total YOY growth of the overall searches.

Now, following Google is of course Yahoo, getting 17.4% of July searches followed by MSN with 11.9%. Interestingly as SAI noted, MSN’s search share for July is a decline from previous month’s 14.1% while Yahoo’s total search share is an increase from previous month’s 16.6%.

Interestingly after momentarily attracting some good search numbers due to its Live Search cashback program, MSN went back to a slumping performance.  Again, like I always say, for MSN to put its search product in good shape, offering users with payback reward is not the way to do it. But come to think of it, what else could MSN do to Live Search to catch up with Google Search, anyway?

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