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Google Tops All US Searches for August

Here’s another round of statistical analysis on the search market for August. Hitwise just released the US search market data for August. The Hitwise numbers showed Google getting 63.98 percent of all US searches for August. Yahoo Search , MSN Search and accounted for 34.26 per cent of the all the US searches while the remaining 1.68 per cent was accounted by the other 48 search engines in the Hitwise search engine analysis tool. 


Comparing the August data with the data of the previous month. All the major search engines except for Yahoo suffered a slight decrease in search data. While Yahoo got a slight increase of around .74 percent. 

Unsurprisingly, the August statistics clearly shows that Google remains to be the most popular search engine in the US, from the month last year, until now. 

In a related Hitwise survey focusing on search engines role in driving traffic to key industry websites, the result showed that Google continues to emerge as the primary source of traffic to those key industries. In the health and medical industry for example, Google search traffic accounts for 27.76 percent of the total 42.99 percent  traffic received from search engines. Well, credit that to Google’s dominance in the site targeted advertising market.

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Google Tops All US Searches for August

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