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Google to Serve Better Ads in Gmail

So, it seems that ad serving is the order of the day for Google. Aside from introducing new targeting options for mobile ads, Google is also improving the ads it is currently serving on Gmail. Honestly, I’ve never really paid close attention to these ads, so it doesn’t really bother me whether Google is serving relevant, irrelevant or better ads on emails I received from my Gmail account.

But if you do, you ought to know that Gmail will try to improve the way it is serving those ads.

Basically what Gmail will do is to use related emails you’ve previously received as a basis for serving ads to a current email that doesn’t seem to match any good and “better” ads from Google’s inventory. This could be due to the absence of relevant keywords that Google’s ad serving algorithms use to identify what ads to serve.

So, rather than serving ads which has nothing to do with the content of the email that you just received, Google will use the last email you’ve read instead to determine what ads to serve on the current email.

Sounds logical right?  To appease those who worries about privacy issues, Google assures that the process is completely automated and does not involve any human intervention, and that no email or any of your personal information will be shared with advertisers.

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Google to Serve Better Ads in Gmail

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