Google to Ask Buzz Users to Reconfirm Privacy Settings

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Anytime now, when you click on the Buzz tab on your Gmail account Google will ask you to confirm or change your privacy settings. The announcement is yet to be posted by Google but both Mashable and BBC News have spilled the beans out that Google will be admitting that they  “didn’t get everything right.”  Hence, it has been carrying some serious privacy tweaks since Google Buzz was launched.

And while Google may have remedied the privacy threats of Google Buzz to some new users, those who have activated Google Buzz before Google carried out the privacy updates may not be affected. So, if you’re one of these users you need to confirm or change your privacy settings again.

Google will gradually roll this out to Google Buzz users.  The confirmation page will look like this:

This is actually the old  Google Buzz privacy settings. Nothing has been changed. Google just want to give users a chance to change or confirm their current privacy settings.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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