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Google Tests More Local Service Ads In SERPs

Google is testing an increase in the number of local service ads in search results pages.

Google is testing more local service ads per set of search results, with three ads on a page instead of two.

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, confirms the test saying the aim is to increase consumer confidence in LSAs:

Google’s experiment is opposite to what’s intended, as it draws more attention to the ongoing problem of LSA spam.

Google Increases LSAs To Three Per Page

The addition of another ad unit has the potential to be a positive change for businesses advertising their services on Google.

However, it’s making Google’s LSA spam more prevalent.

As noted in replies to Marvin’s tweet, several issues plague local service ads right now. Such as:

  • Ads for fake businesses
  • Ads for business profiles with fake reviews
  • Ads for business profiles that are deactivated

Considering every one of these ad packs has the promise of being “Google screened,” there must be a quality assurance gap somewhere.

Marvin assures advertisers Google takes these reports seriously:

“We are committed to ensuring the LSA unit provides a trusted experience for users & service providers. We have taken your reports seriously and are continuing to work on this.”

Hopefully, Google can reel in the number of spammy LSAs before they erode consumer confidence in the ad unit.

For legitimate businesses using LSAs to promote their services, this test means a greater chance of your ad appearing on the front page of Google.

Should you notice fraudulent ads appearing next to yours, use the report option to make Google aware of it.

Featured Image: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

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Google Tests More Local Service Ads In SERPs

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