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Google Test? More Images Shown in Search Snippets

Google Test? More Images Shown in Search Snippets

More images are showing up in Google search result snippets. @WebMarketMagnet mentioned it in February on Twitter, and there seems to have been a few instances of it popping up for different users in the United States. Users in Canada have not seen these results, which likely means Google is testing the feature out on a limited basis.

I was unable to replicate Twiter user Anthony Church’s search for “greek pistachio company”, but I did notice several images popped up when I searched “greek pistachio cookies”


Having images show up alongside recipes really makes sense, right? Images are likely to help you decide which recipe to choose.

But Google isn’t returning images for “recipes for chicken”. I also didn’t see any images for the search “sit me up floor seat”.

(In fact my search for “recipes for chicken” doesn’t include any non-ad search results above the fold.)


What Does It Mean?

Google is consistently testing new features, so this could be just one more in a series of tests. However, it is possible it is related to Google authorship, which Google keeps telling us not to remove, even though the program has been decommissioned. Only time will tell.

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Have you noticed any images in search result snippets? I would be interested to know what you are seeing!



Featured Image: rvlsoft /

Screenshots taken on 3/24/2016 by author


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