With all the buzz around recent Google Blogsearch relaunch, I thought that would a good idea to look at most popular blog meme trackers available online.

The most general definition of the word meme is:

A meme consists of any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation.


Blog meme trackers (or memetrackers) monitor what is most actively passed from blog to blog (“If the thing is actively passed around, that must be hot“). In a word, meme tracking is all about identifying, collecting and arranging most talked-about news in blogosphere.

The three available (and similar) meme trackers that could really compete with each other include:

TechmemeGoogle BlogsearchMegite
Topics coveredTechnologyAllAll
News finding rateFastestFastFast
Index sizeSmallHugeLarge
Major benefitVery fast and focusedClean and diverse?
Major disadvantageLimited to A-list sources?Often irrelevent

1. Techmeme (previously known as Memeorandum) is by far the best tech and US politics meme tracking service. Its most useful features include:


Some cons:

2. Google Blogsearch:


3. Megite:

As for the cons, the overall algo of meme-threading leaves much to be desired. For example, Megite often returns completely unrelated related discussions.


4. There are / used to be more meme trackers of course. However Techmeme seems to have killed some of them (despite the fact that each of them was expected to kill Techmeme instead). Others are either broken (Cloudee) or have a too different concept (Blogs.com).