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Google Targets Microsoft Office with Go Google Campaign

Here’s what could possibly be Google’s biggest offensive yet against Microsoft. Knowing pretty well that the combined search property of Microsoft and Yahoo will surely threaten its dominance, Google could be hitting back on an avenue where Microsoft is dominating – business office applications. Dubbed Go Google – this ad campaign aims to promote Google Apps as a viable alternative to Microsoft Office in the corporate computing market.Go Google’s got several things in-store which are all aimed at telling the world the benefits of using Google Apps. It hopes to persuade corporate office apps users to switch to Google Apps by gathering and presenting testimonies from those who have gone Google. It clearly attacks Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes by saying that others who have been using these apps have already switched to Google Apps – particularly its Gmail component.

The campaign also uses Twitter and other social media tools  to encourage users to spread the word about those who have gone Google.  And for those who have gone Google, freebies awaits every week for the whole of August.

Finally and perhaps the most important part of this promotional campaign is the unveiling of four giant billboards in promoting Google Apps. These billboards will be displayed on the 101 in San Francisco, the West Side Hwy in New York, the ike in Chicago and Mass Pike in Boston. And interestingly, as Techcrunch reports, the billboards will be recycled or reused into either computer or shopping bags.

Will this marketing campaign pull some wonders on Google Apps to perhaps get some of Microsoft’s loyal users? Only time can tell.

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Google Targets Microsoft Office with Go Google Campaign

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