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Google Stops Singing the Harvest Song in China

Google Stops Singing the Harvest Song in China


Google China decided to sing again as Imagethief rightly points out. The Guge logo is back. and for some reason still re-direct to the uncensored

Google China has ditched their Guge logo and retracted to their well known “Google” logo.
10 days ago China Tech Stories already noticed this but at that time it seemed to be a technical glitch as the Guge logo reappeared. The latest cached version of is from 2 October 2006 and still shows the Guge logo.

It’s been gone again now for several days and it’s probably safe to say this time it is for good.

Google launched in April 2006 and called it Guge, meaning Harvest Song. The Chinese Google version is officially sanctioned by the Chinese government as can be seen by the ICP license it carries on the homepage. Searches on are censored for terms deemed “sensitive”.

Chinese Internet users showed a lukewarm response to Guge, if aware at all there was such a new name.

According to a recent survey by the China Internet Marketing Network Information Center (CNNIC) 72.6% (62.8% of the users whose first choice is Google) of the interviewed users still weren’t able to tell you the Chinese name of Google. The same survey, as well as a similar survey by China IntelliConsulting (CIC) indicated also that Google lost 8% or more market share

To re brand themselves back to the original is a good move as the Google name has more appeal than the Guge name.

Some domain “name” confusion stays. The domains, and now all re-direct to the Chinese language (uncensored) version of

Searching for on or results in the suggestion “Did you mean:”. as well as resolve to the censored

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai, China. His musings on life can be found on China Snippets

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Google Stops Singing the Harvest Song in China

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