Google Starts Indexing Facebook Pages Updates

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Although both Facebook and Google has not yet announced this officially, some folks are reporting that  status updates from Facebook pages will start showing up on Google search results today. Of course, this comes hot on the heels of Yahoo’s announcement of their content-sharing deal with Twittter.

And so the race to become a real-time search engine is starting to heat up. Google of course was ahead of the game as it incorporated Twitter updates to search results as early as December last year. While recently, it has also started incorporating MySpace status updates.

But while Google’s deal with Twitter and MySpace includes status updates of members, the deal with Facebook is limited only to status updates of Facebook pages.  Of course this is understandable since Facebook has a much closer ties with Microsoft Bing.

And in case you’re not aware Facebook pages are basically accounts used for marketing and advertising purposes of  consumer brands so, there’s really not much real-time in this regard since those Facebook pages are rarely updated after all.

Makes me wonder right now, as to when Google will incorporate updates coming from Google Buzz to search results. Although I’m not really hoping that they would.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Tanveer

    Hey this will be very good if they will start indexing Facebook pages updates. Like how Google is Indexing Twitter Updates just like that they can index Facbook pages updates also.. Really if Google will do this means i will be very happy….

  • iPad Developer

    There’s a big difference between sharing your updates with friends and sharing them with the whole of the world via Google.
    Just because something can be indexed, doesn’t mean it should be indexed.
    Google is becoming like a nosy friend who doesn’t know when to piss off.

    • Tanveer

      @iPad Developer: Google is not indexing users updates Google will index only the Facebook pages updates. I think Google is going good….

  • Danny Sullivan

    They’ve incorporated Buzz updates since the day Buzz launched.

  • Bernard

    Very good news !!!

  • Maciej (ma-chi)

    This is good stuff. Hopefully updates will not becoming a spamming tool but then again everything gets beat into the ground at some point. Regardless it is a nice step forward into a new direction.

  • Arnold

    Thanks Danny. Now, that’s scary. 🙂

  • Brian Carter

    A technical point: Am I wrong in thinking they already index them, but they will now just be displaying them in the “latest results” sections? Unless they “index” those separately- I think it’s just the word choice of the original article.

    I’ve been able to search “” for a long time, so they’ve been indexed in some sense already.

  • Brian Carter

    Oh dang, nm I mixed up pages and updates. DUH! 🙂