Google Now Offically Provides Search for Soso

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It’s official. What everyone in the Chinese search industry already knew will now be visualized.

From Pacific Epoch:

All search results are marked with a “Powered by Google” tag, including websites, music and image searches. The two parties have been cooperating on search and advertising services since December 2005. Reports from when was launched in December 2005 said Google provided technology for Tencent’s search service.

See for yourself.
Google provided search

Search results haven’t changed as far as I can see.

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai China

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  • Randy Penn

    We are doing an article on the soso robot bandwidth hog. We note that in the last few months SoSo are sending out massive robot excursions ripping bandwidth to find images and in particular video! Soso are bozo’s stealing gigs and gigs of bandwidth. They obviously want to break from Google’s search hold and reap the rewards of a multi billion buyer market.