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Google Shrunk its Search Results Page

Google Shrunk its Search Results Page


Honestly I didn’t notice the difference until I read from Mashable that Google have changed the way it displays search results. As usual, I couldn’t find any announcement about it at the Official Google Blog. So, I take it to mean that Google may still be ironing out some kinks related to this “enhancement.”

So, what are the changes? There are three “unnoticeable” things actually. First, which should have been quite obvious I were closely paying attention was the shrunk Google logo at the top of the page.  Then there is also now a big space in between the search box and the first row of the search results page.

As to the search results itself, these are now indented but the most significant change was the removal of the page size indicator. This indicator gives you an idea of how long it will take for the page to load. Google also removed the word “pages” from the previous  “similar pages” link.

Was there any improvement in the loading speed? We have no way of telling now. But ii could be faster or slower. Perhaps if you’re a keen observer whenever you use Google search, maybe you can easily tell whether there was any change in the speed of loading the search results or none at all.

So, any idea on why Google did these changes? Is it for aesthetic purposes? Revenue generation or what?  Do you like the new look of Google search results page? Personally, I prefer the old one or maybe perhaps I could learn to like this new look once I get used to it.

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Google Shrunk its Search Results Page

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