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Google Shares Best Practices for Making the Web Faster

Google Shares Best Practices for Making the Web Faster

Google has just launched Code.Google.com/Speed,  a new site for developers containing tutorials, tips and performance tools which can be used to optimize the performance of websites.

“Google Speed” contains various web development best practices culled by Google and is based on what the Google staff has learned in their web performance work online. Likewise Google is encouraging everyone who wants to make the web faster to discuss and share their own experiences.

Google has also looked into the various developments that emerged throughout the years which have affected the way we browse the web. These include stuff such improvements in HTML, Javascript performance, existing tools that made the web faster, and mobile broadband developments.

Some of the Tools featured on the site are:

  • Google’s own Firefox/Firebug add-on called Page Speed
  • AOL’s tool for measuring and analyzing web page performance called Page Test
  • Yahoo’s Firefox Add-On, YSlow which analyzes web pages and suggest ways to improve perfomance

The site also contains various tutorials such as GZIP compression, HTTP caching, web graphics optimization, PHP performance tips, and more. Proceedings of various Tech Events/Talk sponsored by Google were also included on the site.


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