Google Is Sending Notifications About Duplicate Listings Issues In Google Places

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Google Is Sending Notifications About Duplicate Listings Issues In Google Places

Google has been sending notifications via email to business owners about issues related to duplicate Google Places listings. I received such an email a few days ago, but thought it may have been an isolated occurrence until I saw more business owners and SEOs saying they received the same thing. The email being sent out reads:


We’d like to inform you that Google Places no longer accommodates more than one authorised owner per business location. Your account contains one or more listings that have been identified as duplicates of other listings and as a result, some of the information that you provide will not be shown to Google users any more.

To get more information or request access to the other listings, please log into your Google Places account.

Yours sincerely,
The Google Places Team


It turns out the issue stems from Google upgrading business listings to the new Google Places For Business local listings. If your business had one of the older listing types on Google you’ll run into a similar issue.

The email invites users to log into their Google Places account, and upon doing Google immediately points out which of your listings is causing the issue. In order to keep the listing live you’re asked to review your information, make any necessary changes and then submit them.

If you have a Google Places listing but haven’t received this email, it’s best to log in and check if there are any issues just to be sure. As these listings are paramount for local search, it would be a shame to have your listing removed without knowing there was even a problem.


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  • James R. Halloran

    Yikes! Yes, that could be a serious problem for many business owners if their listings disappeared. Thanks for sharing the news!

  • jackcolaorg

    I’ve been trying to deal with Google Places for my organisation, and the entire process is confusing.

    1) A Google Plus Page for business is separate for a Google Local page. You cannot merge them. So effort put into the G+ page is not displayed when the user searches on Google Maps. This needs to be merged. Therefore, companies have duplicates

    2) As soon as you click on G+ Page in Places, it automatically creates another Google Plus Page. To the Local page is now a G+ page, and you now have the original G+ Business page.

    3) You go to delete the Google + Local page, it removes the verified listing and you have to start over – even though you have previously verified it on the same Google Account in the past

    4) Phone verification system does not work with an IVR, unless your IVR forwards without any input after a predefined time, therefore revivification can take weeks

    5) Now they send this… Improve the process first Google! By merging a Local page into a Business page that’s already set up

    6) And when your businesses changes name, and there is already a existing listing, you can’t get it removed. Only give the status of Closed – which the business with a different name, same address, url, phone number.

    7) They have a lot more work to be done…

  • Karina

    I agree with jackcolaorg, the process has been very confusing to sort out.

    We have a client who has very distinct separate departments, with separate buildings, staff and phone numbers – they just share the same land/location and web domain.

    Separate departments are permitted within the listing quality guidelines but Google locked one of listings for editing. We’re currently appealing to Google to review.

  • kevinpikekc

    Greeeeeeaaaaat! So Google screws up and the rest of the world has to clean up their mess. Why can’t they just consolidate/migrate the listings like they said they were going to do a year ago? #FrustrationStation

  • Stephen

    I have talked to Google many times about the new rollout and they even seem confused! What I’ve found is:

    Google Places: Is the old listing and dashboard. It is being and will eventually be phased out.

    Google + Local: Is the new local pages for businesses that appear on maps.

    Google + Profile: Is an ordinary personal plus page.

    I call them at least a few times a week for my clients and they are helpful but I always get different answers. If you have any problems contact them here:

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Jon

    Yep I got one, I logged in as they said and have no message etc from them – so what the hell I am supposed to do?!

    They don’t know their ass from their elbow.

  • Sina jolandeh

    Is cool for me to clean up som of the dubs..
    Best regards
    Sina from

  • Jack Cola (@jack_cola)

    I’ve finally got it all sorted with them – I sent them an email, and they manually verified the account, and removed the old company name listings.

    The only thing is, you make a change and it takes three days to appear.