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Google Searches Increased by 42%

Google Searches Increased by 42%

Time for some trivial search engine statistics courtesy of Nielsen/NetRatings published by the Register. Based on the data released by Nielsen, Google searches increased by 42%  in April, with the total searches amounting to nearly 3.8 billion. Yahoo! Search follows with an accounted 1.3 billion searches and MSN live search getting a piece of the pie with 618 million searches. Total Google searches accounted for represent 55% of all searches conducted in US. While the rest of the percentage are attirubuted to Yahoo! Search and MSN Live Search and other lesser known search engines available.

Unsuprisingly, Google once again has proven that it is the top search engine not only based on publicity and press releases but also through numbers as well. Yahoo and MSN have a long way to go before any of the two will topple Google from its number one position.

Perhaps if  the rumored deal between MSN and Yahoo had materialized, then they might stand a chance to beat Google. But knowing Google, before its competitor comes up with something, it will surely come up with a bright idea that would enable the search company retain its growing popularity.

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Google Searches Increased by 42%

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