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Google Search Update: Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

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Matt Southern
Matt Southern SEJ STAFF
Google Search Update: Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Google is updating search results with a new type of featured snippet which is designed for queries that have multiple interpretations.

Multifaceted featured snippets may appear for queries such as “ears popping on a plane,” where the individual may be searching for either causes or remedies.

”Sometimes the words we use to ask a question are broad and there could be several different interpretations of the question. With multifaceted featured snippets, we’re able to better understand your query and recognize when there could be multiple interpretations of that query.”

Examples of multifaceted featured snippets are shown below for the ambiguous query “garden needs full sun?,” which could be looking for one of two different answers.

Google will start by introducing multifaceted featured snippets with “multi-intent” queries, where the intent behind the query could be interpreted in different ways.

Eventually, Google plans to expand multifaceted featured snippets to cover more query types. For example, a query like “is my house worth fixing?” has several different components that could be equally important.

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