Google Search to Roll Out SearchWiki feature

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Google will soon be rolling out its SearchWiki feature which it has been testing for a couple of months now. SearchWiki as the name implies would give Google search users some sort of control over their the way specific results are displayed on Google search results pages.

Specifically, SearchWiki would let users to rank, annotate, add and delete search results while on the Google search results pages. It will also allow users to see notes made by other users as well as view what pages others have added or deleted.Though it may seem just a way of controling how users would want to view their search results on Google, what is not clear is why Google would want to users that control? To be more honestly blunt about it, what’s in it for Google?

SearchWiki may be a special search result page different from its normal search results pages but would this two be merged later on? And if Google do decide to merge these two search results pages, how would it then affect the “mysterious” page ranking system of Google?

I guess we will have to wait for now to find out what’s in store for Google’s SearchWiki. The same way that we will have to wait until it gets rolled out to all Google search users. A few people have already seen it at work. Hopefully, I get to try it out soon.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Jaan Kanellis

    “Remember you changes wont effect other peoples Google results”

    Yeah right. If it caches on they will mine and mill this data for all its worth and apply it to the “public” Google algo.

  • photo canvas art

    hope that search wiki does justification to the page rank and search results

  • don

    I tend to agree with Jaan.
    Google does things for a reason.

  • Mher

    Google emphasizes that changes made in the SearchWiki interface will have no impact on the traditional ranking of web pages. If you put your own site in the 1st position for your primary keywords, you’re the only Google user who’ll see your site at the top of the rankings. Your site will, however, be included when users click the “See all notes for this SearchWiki” link at the bottom of the page; that link leads to another page that shows what results other users have re-ordered, removed, or added.

  • noobpatrol

    I am able to get it where i am located (mid west usa) but im not sure if all users are able to see the google searchwiki yet. If not there is a video and some screen shots of the searchwiki at do you guys think this will become a regular feature? do you think it will effect the search engine search results alot from now on?

  • peter

    test to post

  • Ross

    I have heard a lot about it. It seems really nice.
    I hope it is a great feature and people like it.

  • Alicia Magda

    Try logging in to your Google Account – that’s how I was able to access it. I also wrote a post about it that may give some additional insight at