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Google Search Suggest Now Out of Beta

Google is officially rolling its Search Suggest feature which has been in Google labs for quite some time now. Google Search Suggest works similarly with the “Did you mean” feature that we often get when we enter a seemingly odd/misspelled search term which the Google engine finds incorrect. Only this time, the suggestion is done real-time.

Ok, I know we all know this feature is all about. It’s Google’s version of the Search Assist, launched way ahead by Yahoo! Search.

Google Suggest is a pretty nifty way of conducting your search as it helps you:

  • formulate queries
  • reduce spelling errors
  • and the ultimate goal of reducing keystrokes when you are doing your search.

Yes, those seem pretty helpful.

Google Suggest works on the following web browser:  IE 6.0 (or newer) and Mozilla 1.4 (or newer). Firefox 0.8 (or newer) Opera 7.54 (or newer), and Safari 1.2.2 (or newer). And you would also need to turn on your Javascript and Cookies setting on your Browser’s option.

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Google Search Suggest Now Out of Beta

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